For your footwear, what would really go well with t-shirt streetwear is a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes that anybody can have. They are the perfect footwear to complete a shirt and jeans outfit. You can comfortably walk around the whole day in your sneakers and not feel like your feet are about to fall off. You can experiment with your sneakers and wear a pair with bold colors. The color of your sneakers does not have to match your t-shirt streetwear. However, the color of your sneakers and shirt should not clash. It would be such an eyesore to see someone wearing a brightly colored shirt with sneakers in a shocking color. If possible buy sneakers that you can pair with almost any color. 

Ralph Lauren Mens Dual Match Crest Navy Polo Shirt

Brand: Ralph Lauren
Color: Navy
Material: Cotton
Style: Short Sleeves, Embroidery, Lapel, Polo
Tag: Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Here's the details of the t shirt as follow: